The approach and outcomes are established, but a true team approach is what will make an apprenticeship program effective for your company and your industry sector. The most common FAQ for employers are explored here. You’re invited to reach out to the ApprenticeshipNH office to speak with someone experienced in the process with any specific needs.

Q.What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship is a work-based training program that includes both classroom instruction and paid training on-the-job. It provides individuals with skills and knowledge related to a particular occupation.

Q.What is a “registered” apprenticeship?

Registered apprenticeships are the same model, however, they meet national standards for registration with the U.S. Department of Labor. All apprenticeships developed through this grant will be registered with the Department of Labor.

Q.How does an apprenticeship program benefit me as an employer?

As a sponsor of apprenticeship, you’ll be able to develop highly-skilled employees with the experience and knowledge that you need to increase productivity and drive growth at your company.

Q.How can ApprenticeshipNH help me?

In addition to walking you through each step of building an apprenticeship program, ApprenticeshipNH has a fully-staffed office that will help you with recruitment and outreach to apprentices, marketing and promotion of your program, as well as connecting you with resources in NH that help to fund apprentice training and education.

Q.What kinds of jobs qualify?

Thousands of occupations qualify for ApprenticeshipNH, including: software developers, medical assistants, CNC machinists, welders, phlebotomists, software engineers, and more. For more extensive lists, visit these pages: advanced manufacturing, technology, hospitality, healthcare, and construction & infrastructure.

Q.How much will it cost me to run a program?

Costs can vary based on occupation and length of an apprenticeship. Grant funds are available to offset the cost of tuition, and our team can assist you in determining your eligibility for other funding from other workforce development initiatives. These initiatives include The NH Job Training Fund, Workforce Opportunity Innovation Act, (WOIA) and others. Just like the components of an apprenticeship itself, the financial aspect of the program is customizable to meet your company’s needs.

Q.Can my company screen and interview applicants?

Yes. The apprentices that you hire will be employees of your company from day one of the apprenticeship. Our team can assist you in finding applicants, but decisions about interviewing, screening, and hiring apprentices are yours.

Q.Can I use apprenticeship to train my existing employees?

Yes! We can develop apprenticeship programs for both new and existing employees.

Q.How long does it take to set up a new program?

You set the pace. Typically, it takes two to three months from start to finish to develop a fully-customized apprenticeship, but this can vary depending on the company, the college, and other factors.

Q.Can I talk to an employer in my sector that’s done apprenticeship before?

Sure! If you’d be interested in talking to an employer with experience in apprenticeship, please let us know and we can refer you to another company that we have an active partnership with.

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