Meaningful work building the future

The construction industry is full of well-paying, dynamic jobs that allow you to work with your hands to build the infrastructure and communities where we live and work. The potential is limitless because your time and experience on a building site can be turned into leadership or management positions as a foreman or construction superintendent. Gain experience in the latest technologies and processes while earning a paycheck through a construction apprenticeship.

Earn while you design and construct New Hampshire’s landscape

Commercial and residential construction & infrastructure projects are on the rise in New Hampshire, and the industry needs qualified workers to make sure the buildings, power systems, and housing supply can support that growth. Job opportunities are plentiful, which means whether you want to learn a new trade or be trained in the latest technologies, you can find the right fit. Your hard work helps to build your community’s next new school, bridge, or park.

Where can a construction & infrastructure apprenticeship take you?

The training you’ll receive as a construction & infrastructure apprentice will help you succeed in a variety of professions at companies all over the state. ApprenticeshipNH works with employers to develop programs that perfectly align with the 36+ available career tracks at NH’s seven community colleges. After completing a registered construction & infrastructure apprenticeship, you will have the skills and confidence to progress in your existing career or even begin a new one.

Some of the 36+ construction & infrastructure career tracks at New Hampshire community colleges:

What types of companies hire construction & infrastructure professionals?

After completing a construction & infrastructure apprenticeship, you could work at: