To help make sure New Hampshire’s businesses have the employees they need now and in the future, our state’s network of community colleges manage many job training programs. The Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH) is constantly bringing about new opportunities, such as the new ApprenticeshipNH program. The goal: achieve 65 x 25, or for 65 percent of NH adults age 25 or older to earn some form of training beyond high school by the year 2025.

By 2020 – only a few short years from now – 68% of the jobs in NH will require a degree, certificate, or credential beyond a high school diploma. Current projections indicate that unless we make significant progress this won’t happen.

How it works

Colleges within the Community College System of New Hampshire will be the preferred training sites for ApprenticeshipNH programs, along with learning while you earn at an ApprenticeshipNH participating company.

Here is how we’ll all work together:

  • ApprenticeshipNH helps employers develop classroom instruction portion of apprenticeship
  • College closest to employer provides instructor to develop lesson plans and teach the class. The instructor will also help the employer develop the on-site training portion of the apprenticeship
  • Community college campus with appropriate programs and facilities hosts related trainings, provide instructors and adjunct faculty to teach ApprenticeshipNH courses
  • The NH Office of Apprenticeship works closely with ApprenticeshipNH and the employer to develop an apprenticeship program

For more information on CCSNH, please visit the website,