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Catholic Medical Center apprentices graduate to on-the-job training

Catholic Medical Center Apprentices

Eight graduates from the inaugural ApprenticeshipNH partnership with Catholic Medical Center (CMC) complete classroom portion of Medical Assistant program.

Catholic Medical Center Apprentices class pinning
The inaugural class of ApprenticeshipNH graduates receives pins to mark the completion of the classroom portion of their program. Second row, left to right: Instructor Karen Kobzik; Mary Anne Pruner; Emma Little; Alicia Savage; Sarah Leite; Vice President of Human Resources at CMC, Merryll Rosenfeld. Front row, left to right: Director of MCC Workforce Development Center, Kristine Dudley; Ashley Yergeau; Heather Almeida; Cameryn Marchand; Keith Hebert; Director of Human Resources at CMC, Susan Martinen; and Director of Organizational Development at CMC, Emily Gaudette.

Eight apprentices have graduated from a Medical Assistant program through a partnership between Catholic Medical Center (CMC) and ApprenticeshipNH.

On Friday, June 29 at Manchester Community College, graduates were presented with pins to mark the completion of the classroom portion of the program before friends and family.

“It represents the bridge from being a learner to becoming a professional,” said Karen Kobzik, one of the instructors of the program, about what the pin represents. Speaking to the graduates during the ceremony Kobzik added, “You have condensed material that we typically teach over a two-year time period into just three months. You now all have the wisdom to understand that you cannot be stagnant, you must continue learning, for your benefit, and the benefit of your patients.”

About the program

Earlier this year, CMC launched a new Medical Assistant registered apprenticeship program through a partnership with Manchester Community College (MCC) and the ApprenticeshipNH program. The program includes 480 hours of classroom instruction and 3,600 hours of on-the-job training. Upon completion of the program, apprentices are prepared to sit for the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant exam.

“It takes a village to do what you’ve done,” Kristine Dudley, director of the Workforce Development Center at MCC, said to the graduates about how the process is not a solo journey. “It takes a strong support system too. Many of you have done this while balancing a family and a social life.”

About the Catholic Medical Center apprentices

The graduating class of eight Catholic Medical Center apprentices is the inaugural class for the CMC registered apprenticeship program. Following the popularity and success of the program, the team at CMC plans to continue the program into the future and into new fields.

“We have eight students who were chosen from a large pool of applicants, and we are all extremely, extremely proud,” said Merryll Rosenfeld, vice president of human resources at CMC. “I’m so proud of all of them for sticking with it and doing what they did. We see ourselves continuing this program, not only with the MA program but with LNAs as well.”

Each of the eight apprentices who received pins have been placed in a position within the CMC network. They will fill those positions and continue to hone their skills through on-the-job training, using the knowledge they obtained throughout their academic course of study.

“The program has pushed me to realize what I can accomplish. It has made me more confident, not only in my professional life and capabilities but in my personal life as well,” said Cameryn Marchand, one of the graduates who will continue her career with CMC’s Surgical Care Group in Manchester. “My favorite part of the program was probably being able to be put in real-life situations and not rely solely on a textbook. Being able to experience what I was learning hands-on, gave me such a deeper understanding of what I was doing. I am excited to start in my new role, and am incredibly grateful for the opportunity and experience this apprenticeship program has given me.”

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