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Biomedical Technology

As a dynamic, growing and changing sector of our economy, biomedical technology apprenticeships can put people on the front lines of discovery and innovation. Registered Apprenticeship programs in this field align well with existing training programs across the Community College System of NH (CCSNH) that put great emphasis on developing skills specific to the biomedical technology sector. ApprenticeshipNH assists small and large businesses throughout the state in creating programs that meets current and future workforce needs.

Careers in biomedical tech include the pharmaceutical industry, clinical and research laboratories, the medical device industry, or any number of other career paths in agriculture, food science and environmental science. Registered Apprenticeship programs in any of these industries ensure a place for New Hampshire on the cutting edge of new scientific discoveries as they develop.

Registered Apprenticeships set the foundation for employee success and the continued growth of organizations.

For Apprentices

Well-paying careers

The biomedical technology sector is at the forefront of developing life-saving services and treatments. Rapidly evolving, biomedical technology offers exciting career and advancement opportunities for people with a wide variety of skills and backgrounds.

The average hourly rate for biomedical technicians in NH:

$17.81 - $24.23 per hour

For Employers

A pipeline of skilled, productive workers

Registered Apprenticeships are developing a new generation of workers to help our nation succeed in the 21st Century economy.

Having a skilled workforce is critical for the growth of biomedical technology businesses. Registered Apprenticeship is a proven way to increase productivity and employee retention as well as improve company culture and ensure knowledge transfer from your top professionals.

For every dollar spent on apprenticeship,

employers get approximately $1.50 ROI

For High Schools

Prepare students for a rapidly changing job market

Use existing courses and work-based learning experiences to build or participate in pre-apprenticeship to registered apprenticeship opportunities that can serve as the foundation for a student’s career.

  • Provide experienced-based and authentic learning experiences that lead to in-demand careers
  • Support a smooth transition from high school to both college and career options

Professions in biomedical technology

  • Agricultural and food science technician
  • Biofuel technician
  • Biological technician
  • Biomedical equipment technician
  • Biomanufacturing technician
  • Central sterile processing technician
  • Environmental science technician
  • Dental laboratory technician
  • Facilities technician
  • Instrumentation / calibration technician
  • Laboratory assistant
  • Laboratory technician
  • Medical laboratory technician
  • Purification operator
  • Quality control inspector
  • Quality control technician
  • Validation specialist
  • Water quality technician

Types of companies hiring biomedical technology employees

  • Hospitals
  • Biomanufacturing
  • Laboratories – clinical, medical, research
  • Medical devices
  • State and local municipalities

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