Information technology (IT)

Information technology, or IT, is an essential field that involves using computers to store, share, secure, analyze or transmit information or data. It is how employees communicate, solve problems and make advancements in other sectors possible. ApprenticeshipNH works with IT organizations across the state to make sure apprentices learn the essential skills that employers are looking for.

ApprenticeshipNH helps job seekers and employers fill workforce gaps in the IT sector that boasts some of the highest paying jobs in the state!

Well-paying careers

for Apprentices

IT professionals handle far more than helpdesk calls. They are essential in designing and maintaining networks, analyzing information and enabling people and software to meet the needs of a diverse workforce with different levels of training and understanding. Whether you like computer programming or want to improve online buying processes, a NH IT apprenticeship sets you up for advancement and success.

The average salary in information technology in New Hampshire:

$53,716 per year

A pipeline of skilled, productive workers

for Employers

Registered Apprenticeships are developing a new generation of workers to help our nation succeed in the 21st Century economy.

Having a skilled workforce is critical for the growth of your IT business. Registered Apprenticeship is a proven way to increase productivity and employee retention as well as improve company culture and ensure knowledge transfer from your top experienced professionals.

For every dollar spent on apprenticeship,

employers get approximately $1.50 ROI.

Registered Apprenticeship ensures that on day one, employees will be successful on-the-job.

Professions in information technology

Application developer
Communications-computer systems
Communications-computer systems planning and implementation
Computer peripheral equipment operator
Computer programmer
Database technician
Help desk technician
Information assurance specialist
Information assurance technician

Information management specialist
Information security analysts
Information technology specialist
Internetworking technician
E-Commerce specialist
Network support technician
Network and computer systems
Information management
Information technology generalist

Types of companies hiring information technology employees

Most areas of business, government and nongovernmental organizations, such as:

Financial institutions
CPA firms
Insurance companies
Consulting firms
Computer companies
Telecommunications companies
Healthcare organizations
Hotels and restaurants
Entertainment companies
Environmental management firms
Education institutions
City, state and federal government
Consulting firms

Internet-related companies including those that focus on:

Search engines
Website design services
Non-profit organizations
Software, hardware and systems developers
Technical service providers
Web apps