New Hampshire’s rapidly growing healthcare sector includes more than physicians and those who take care of patients. Behind the scenes, healthcare technicians create products and process services for a wide range of needs in one of the fastest-growing industries in the state. ApprenticeshipNH participating companies share their specific needs with us, so we can find the perfect program match among the dozens of available career tracks at the Community College System of New Hampshire campuses.

Earn while you learn — and care

Whether your dream job is a phlebotomist, nutritionist, or health statistics analyst, New Hampshire’s healthcare landscape is full of opportunities to make a difference – and make a good living – while helping fellow citizens stay healthy.

Limitless possibilities and a secure future

With an educational foundation in healthcare, you’re ready to immediately make a difference in a healthcare setting. Our state’s aging population, the constant advancements in medicine, and pressure for healthcare companies to run as efficiently as possible make the healthcare industry a smart career focus. After completing a registered apprenticeship in healthcare, you’ll be ready to take the next step in your existing career, or even begin a new one.

Examples of healthcare professions, which are offered at the CCSNH campuses:

Where do healthcare professionals conduct their important work?

Healthcare employers span a wide variety of companies, including: