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State Strategies to Foster Inclusive Apprenticeships for People with Disabilities

The unemployment rate among the one in four American adults living with a disability is more than double the unemployment rate of people without a disability. Barriers to training and employment contribute to a 38% labor force participation rate for people with a disability compared to 78% for people without a disability. Workforce shortages require Governors and policymakers to engage previously untapped talent, especially among underserved populations, including people with disabilities, to develop resilient pipelines that meet current and future labor force demands and provide equitable access to employment and economic opportunity.

Building inclusive apprenticeship programs for people with disabilities is a proven strategy that can lead to strong wages, a pathway to future career opportunities and sustainable permanent employment in high-quality jobs. States can work to expand access to apprenticeships for workers with disabilities to develop a more diverse, skilled workforce through strategies including:

  • Developing pre-apprenticeship programs and providing wraparound supports,
  • Leveraging the state’s role as a model employer and
  • Educating employers about the benefits of sponsoring apprentices with disabilities.

Please see the full article: nga.org/news/commentary/state-strategies-to-foster-inclusive-apprenticeships-for-people-with-disabilities

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