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ApprenticeshipNH Celebrated for Workforce Expansion Efforts

Photo caption: The first ApprenticeshipNH Summit celebrated National Apprenticeship Week on November 17 recognizing 11 businesses and individuals with Champions Recognitions. Left-to-right: Kate Amrol, Adam Memmolo, Sara Saco, Governor Chris Sununu, Melanie Mosher, Matt Saladino, Mary Ford, Lucie Kinney, Joe Wentworth, Viktoryia Dribinskaya, Dr. Chuck Lloyd, Rebecca Marden, Chris Fredette and Anne Banks. (Photo courtesy of ApprenticeshipNH)


November 17 Summit Champion Recognitions Awarded to 11 Prominent Businesses and Individuals

Concord, N.H. (November 17, 2023) – The 2023 ApprenticeshipNH Summit brought together more than 250 career seekers, employers, community partners and state agencies to celebrate apprenticeship programs as a successful workforce expansion solution in New Hampshire. Hosted by ApprenticeshipNH, a workforce program of the Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH), the comprehensive event focused on strengthening the Granite State’s workforce and culminated National Apprenticeship Week. Held at NHTI – Concord’s community college, the Nov. 17 event included an apprenticeship fair, Champion Recognitions highlighting 11 prominent businesses and individuals, panel discussions, and interactive workshops that provided insights and resources needed to participate in apprenticeship programs.

“ApprenticeshipNH supports the Community College System of New Hampshire’s mission by creating career pathways in traditional and non-traditional sectors across the state,” said Dr. Chuck Lloyd, vice chancellor of CCSNH. “Since ApprenticeshipNH launched in 2017, the program has been widely successful and impactful, building 100 apprenticeship programs and assisting 1,300 apprentices with scholarships and support service funds to help create successful and impactful apprenticeship programs. We are expanding our program and working towards building a sustainable infrastructure for Registered Apprenticeship pathways all while working with communities to ensure these opportunities are accessible to everyone.”

Registered Apprenticeship programs (RAPs) are a proven solution for businesses with workforce shortages to hire and retain workers that also help career seekers gain immediate employment, with steadily increased wages and develop new skills in high-demand fields. Through federal grant funding ApprenticeshipNH is expanding Registered Apprenticeship pathways in traditional and non-traditional sectors such as manufacturing, automotive technology, biomedical technology, business and finance, construction and infrastructure, education and childcare, healthcare, hospitality and information technology and transportation and logistics.

“New Hampshire is the only state in the northeast that is growing in population, but it is facing massive workforce challenges,” said New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu. “I applaud the Community College System of New Hampshire for leading the charge on workforce solutions through ApprenticeshipNH. We want to get more folks involved in the program and have it become a real long-term success story. If the economy is doing well, we are all doing well.”

After the Governor proclaimed November 13 to 19 Apprenticeship Week in New Hampshire, he and Vice Chancellor Lloyd handed out 11 Champion Recognition awards. The 11 businesses and individuals recognized include:

  • Lucie Kinney, Capone Iron, for creating two apprenticeship programs within one year, connecting with high schools for pre-apprenticeships, and for seeing the value of RAP’s and the impact it can have in the North Country.
  • Viktoryia Dribinskaya, Catholic Medical Center, for creative partnership within industry to solve workforce shortages, being a strong supporter of RAP’s and building multiple occupations.
  • Concord Regional Technical Center, accepted by Kate Amrol, for supporting pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs, being always willing to think outside of the box for the best interest of the student and creating a 2 + 2 + 2 Educator apprenticeship.
  • Matt Saladino, Gorham Middle High School, for being a passionate educator committed to students and their success in school and life, a community leader dedicated to working with employer partners in developing a skilled workforce and having seen first-hand how apprenticeship opportunities can have a positive impact on youth.
  • Chris Fredette, Longchamps Electrical, for building the first high-school pre-apprenticeship program, supporting working with high school students and building pathways from pre-apprenticeship to apprenticeship.
  • Joe Wentworth, Merchants Auto, for supporting pre-apprenticeship to RAP career pathways, leading the way with stackable apprenticeship programs and for looking for ways to connect to marginalized populations.
  • Mary Ford, National Collaborative for Digital Equity, for supporting educators across the state, developing the first K-12 Educator Apprenticeship, and tirelessly supporting apprentices, school districts and higher education.
  • NHADA, accepted by Adam Memmolo, for being the first association in NH to become a sponsor for RAP’s, connecting to high schools and the support and development of stackable programs.
  • Melanie Mosher, Palmer and Sicard, for being a long-standing partner, promoting RAP’s and ApprenticeshipNH and supporting high-school pre-apprenticeships.
    Southern NH Services, accepted by Sara Saco, for being a key partner in providing support for apprentices and a model for how organizations can work together on the common goal of improving lives through education and training.
  • Rebecca Marden, Solution Health-Elliot, for creative partnership within industry to solve workforce shortages, being a strong supporter of RAP’s and building multiple occupations.


“Thank you to these prominent businesses and individuals who have demonstrated leadership in supporting and implementing Registered Apprenticeship programs for recruitment and workforce initiatives,” said Anne Banks, Apprenticeship programs manager at CCSNH. “Together we can all assist in keeping New Hampshire’s workforce robust.”

ApprenticeshipNH, in partnership with the Federal Office of Apprenticeship in Concord, addresses workforce needs throughout the state by helping employers create a pipeline of skilled workers through combined classroom instruction and on-the-job training in an “earn-while-you-learn” model. With funding from federal grants, ApprenticeshipNH develops partnerships between NH’s seven community colleges and local employers within key sectors of the state’s economy while also providing support recruiting apprentices for high-demand career opportunities. Over the last year, apprenticeship hubs were established to cater to the diverse needs of the communities across the state through collaborations among industry, community organizations, education, and state agencies to enrich program resources and to promote diversity, inclusivity, equity and accessibility in all programs.

About ApprenticeshipNH
ApprenticeshipNH was established in 2017 and is funded by grants from the U.S. Department of Labor. In cooperation with the Office of Apprenticeship, ApprenticeshipNH assists employers with building registered apprenticeships, pre-apprenticeships, and high school programs in high-demand sectors including advanced manufacturing, automotive technology, biomedical technology, business and finance, construction and infrastructure, education and childcare, healthcare, hospitality, information technology and transportation and logistics. ApprenticeshipNH assists companies with recruiting, screening and hiring potential apprentices, as well as accessing resources in the state that help to fund apprentice training and education. Visit ApprenticeshipNH.com for more information.

The total funding of the ApprenticeshipNH initiative is $12.07 million with 99 percent funded through the following U.S. Department of Labor-Employment and Training Administration grants in the amounts indicated: State Apprenticeship Expansion 2020 (SAE2020) $3.45 million, State Apprenticeship Expansion Formula (SAEF) $2.82 million, and Apprenticeship Building America (ABA) $5.8M. Additional support of less than one percent is provided by third party scholarship grants.

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