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Grow your workforce and train the next generation.

Registered Apprenticeship and Pre-apprenticeship are a great way to create a pipeline of skilled workers trained to meet your expectations. As a productive employee from day one, an apprentice in your program receives direct hands-on training from you while they receive technical training from the Community College System of NH. Apprentices work with a mentor within your company who will show them the “tips of the trade” while enhancing or improving the company culture through knowledge transfer and building relationships.

A member of the ApprenticeshipNH team will work with you to develop a Registered Apprenticeship program to meet the needs of your business and walk you through the registration process. The ApprenticeshipNH team has the expertise and financial resources to help you develop an apprenticeship program. ApprenticeshipNH can also help you with recruiting and screening potential apprentices, while guiding you to resources in NH that help to fund the cost of on-the-job learning and related instruction.

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These New Hampshire companies are seeing the benefits of apprenticeship

For every dollar spent on apprenticeship, employers get approximately $1.50 ROI.
More than 150,000

employers and labor management organizations benefit from apprenticeships.

Existing and current employees are eligible to enroll.

Grants and other federal funds may be available to help

offset the cost of tuition.

Registered Apprenticeship: a win-win for companies and employees

Studies show businesses that use a Registered Apprenticeship program reduce worker turnover because of greater employee loyalty, increased productivity and an improved bottom line. NH’s community colleges have extensive experience in developing employer-driven programs to meet your specific needs. Other benefits of apprenticeship include:

  • Train to your standards and culture
  • Customize the program to meet your company’s needs
  • Screen and hire candidates just like you would any other incoming employee
  • Help spark interest in a new career
  • Offset or eliminate the cost of onboarding and new hire skills training
  • Screen new candidates for “fit” before extending a long-term job offer
  • Build your apprenticeship program to suit your recruiting goals
  • Partner with experienced CCSNH training approaches and instructors
  • Establish and promote community partnerships
  • Coordinate knowledge transfer from retiring employees to new hires
  • Fill current and future positions

How can Pre-apprenticeship work for you?

Once you have a registered apprenticeship, you can build a pre-apprenticeship to directly connect to High School and adult candidates. Sample programs include:
  • Education/bootcamp based course with a guaranteed interview for the apprenticeship program at your company
  • Paid internship with your company with a guaranteed interview for the apprenticeship program at your company
  • Combination of both above options
  • Help building a pre-apprenticeship program and connecting to existing programs
“The team at ApprenticeshipNH has made it easy for us as an employer to provide incumbent staff and community members a gateway to career success through our Medical Assistant and Licensed Nursing Assistant programs. As a result of these successes we are launching more opportunities in the future; we look forward to our continued partnership!”
– Karen Schoch, Director of Organizational Development, Catholic Medical Center, Manchester, NH

Frequently asked questions

ApprenticeshipNH is a grant-funded program housed at the Community College System of NH (CCSNH) that helps connect NH employers and jobseekers through the development of Registered Apprenticeship and Pre-apprenticeship programs. To learn more, click here.

ApprenticeshipNH is funded through federal grants from the U.S. Department of Labor and Employment and Training Administration. Grant funds help to staff a team that can help employers develop apprenticeship programs, connect businesses with NH community colleges and assist jobseekers in starting a new apprenticeship career. Grant funds are also used to provide scholarship and financial assistance to apprentices and employers.

Registered Apprenticeship is a work-based training program that includes both classroom instruction and paid on-the-job training. It provides individuals with skills and knowledge related to a particular occupation. Registered apprenticeships meet national standards for registration with the U.S. Department of Labor. For more information, please visit: Apprenticeship.gov

As a sponsor of apprenticeship, you’ll be able to develop highly skilled employees with the experience and knowledge that you need to increase productivity and drive growth at your company. Return on investment looks different for every employer, but we are confident that apprenticeship will help your business:

  • Develop skilled employees to increase productivity and drive company growth
  • Increase retention and reduce costs of turnover
  • Remain competitive by training employees to industry standards
  • Attract qualified employees in a competitive labor market

In addition to walking you through each step of building an apprenticeship program, ApprenticeshipNH has a fully-staffed office that will help you with:

  • Recruitment and outreach to apprentices
  • Marketing and promotion of your program
  • Recruitment through outreach to community organizations and high schools
  • Connecting you with resources in NH that help to fund apprentice training and education

Thousands of occupations qualify for ApprenticeshipNH, including: licensed nursing assistants (LNAs), medical assistants, CNC machinists, machine operators, HVAC service technicians, cook and more. For more extensive lists, visit the Industries page on our website, or www.apprenticeship.gov/apprenticeship-occupations

Costs can vary based on occupation and length of an apprenticeship. The only required cost to you as the employer is the staff time it takes to set up and oversee the program, as well as the cost of wages paid to the apprentice during on-the-job training. Assisting with the cost of tuition/education is not required, however can make your program more attractive to potential apprentices. Grant funds are available to offset the cost of tuition, and our team can assist you in determining your eligibility for other funding from other workforce development initiatives. These initiatives include WorkInvest, Workforce Opportunity Innovation Act, (WOIA) and others. Just like the components of an apprenticeship itself, the financial aspect of the program is customizable to meet your company’s needs.

Yes. The apprentices that you hire will be employees of your company from day one of the apprenticeship. Our team can assist you in finding applicants, but decisions about interviewing, screening and hiring apprentices are yours.

Yes! We can develop apprenticeship programs for both new and existing employees.

You set the pace. Typically, it takes two to three months from start to finish to develop a fully customized apprenticeship, but this can vary depending on the company, the college and other factors.

Sure! If you’d be interested in talking to an employer with experience in apprenticeship, please let us know and we can refer you to another company that we have an active partnership with.

A pre-apprenticeship is a program that is designed to prepare you for a registered apprenticeship. This can be in the form of education, work experience, or a combination. The pre-apprenticeship is approved by the employer/sponsor of the registered apprenticeship program. All pre-apprenticeships must be connected to a registered apprenticeship program to be recognized and supported by ApprenticeshipNH-High School.
“When I started my new role at Merchants seeking to build the Auto Tech Apprentice program to attract future talent to our organization, I found great collaborators in the staff at CCSNH, ApprenticeshipNH and Manchester Community College. Through our partnership with the NH Auto Dealers Association and our State partners we were able to quickly implement an Apprenticeship and use their resources to get the program up and running quickly.”
– Joe Wentworth, Senior Learning & Development Specialist, Merchants Auto

Apprenticeship begins in High School!

  • Train the next generation of employees
  • Access seniors with open schedules and grads without college or career plans
  • Introduce and promote career paths in your industry
  • Employer-driven, designed around your needs
  • Develop a pipeline of qualified employees

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