High School apprenticeship program

In late 2020, ApprenticeshipNH expanded through a federal grant to launch a new program designed specifically for high school students so they too can “earn while they learn.” Run by the Community College System of NH (CCSNH), the ApprenticeshipNH High School program (ApprenticeshipNH-HS) aligns with the goals and structure of the ApprenticeshipNH initiative and builds off of past successes.

With this focus on youth, this new program follows a pre-apprenticeship to Registered Apprenticeship model. It begins with work-based learning/pre-apprenticeship in 10th and 11th grade where students are introduced to careers and learn skills designed to prepare them to enter and succeed in a Registered Apprenticeship.

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Pathway: Pre-Apprenticeship - Registered Apprenticeship

CCSNH and the ApprenticeshipNH - HS team serves as the intermediary with businesses and high schools and will:

  • Walk the business through the process of registering their apprenticeship with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)
  • Help connect the Registered Apprenticeship program to the high school curriculum
  • Provide technical assistance for the development of pre-apprenticeships
  • Work as a partner for the business, DOL and the school to build a training and education model that works for everyone

Focused on growing industry sectors that offer strong career pathways in skilled, high-demand occupations.

Advanced Manufacturing

Automotive Technology

Business & Finance

Construction & Infrastructure



What is Pre-Apprenticeship?

Pre-apprenticeship programs are designed to prepare students to enter a Registered Apprenticeship and provide the opportunity for advanced placement into a Registered Apprenticeship.

  • Hands-on experience with an employer that is a sponsor of Registered Apprenticeship
  • Learning based on industry standards
  • Instruction at a high school, CTE Center and/or community college
  • Formal partnership with employers that enables students to move to a Registered Apprenticeship
  • On-the-job learning and related instruction that provides the student the opportunity of advanced placement in a Registered Apprenticeship program

What is Registered Apprenticeship?

Registered Apprenticeship is an industry-driven, high-quality career pathway where individuals receive paid work experience, classroom instruction and a portable, nationally-recognized credential while employers develop their future workforce.

  • Students may enter a Registered Apprenticeship while still in high school or upon graduation
  • The Registered Apprenticeship can be designed to meet an employer and student schedule by focusing on related instruction while a student participates in on-the-job learning during school breaks, after school and even during the school day when the student’s schedule allows
  • Includes five components (Figure 1)
Figure 1

Why try the ApprenticeshipNH High School program?

For Students:

  • Begin your career with little to no student debt
  • Learn the top skills industries are looking for
  • Potential to earn college credit before leaving high school
  • Align your part-time job with future career goals

For Employers:

  • Train the next generation of employees
  • Introduce and promote career paths in your industry
  • Registered Apprenticeship is employer-driven and designed around your needs
  • Develop a pipeline of qualified employees

For Schools:

  • New pathways for students
  • Enhanced local business relationships
  • Expanded work-based learning opportunities and resources
  • Increased community awareness of educational programming

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