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Professional Development in Apprenticeship Programs

ApprenticeshipNH has developed numerous registered apprenticeship programs that benefit local and state employers as well as provide vital pathways to individuals. Most of these apprenticeships incorporate professional development known as ‘soft skills’ for apprentices to enhance their work ethic. Apprenticeships such as a Medical Assistant, Licensed Nursing Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, and Patient Service Representative are just a few of the programs implementing soft skills.


WorkReadyNH is a tuition-free soft skills professional development program to help individuals succeed in the workforce. In 2011, New Hampshire Governor John Lynch held an employer-based round table discussion regarding concerns that employees as well as candidates lacked basic soft skills necessary. As a result of the information gathered, WorkReadyNH was established and continues to be an integral program offered at all the community colleges throughout the state of New Hampshire.

The program’s mission is to help provide unemployed participants, employed participants, and high school students with the necessary tools to successfully find and maintain a job. Throughout the program, participants touch upon approximately 10-13 modules of soft skills.

Embedded into these modules are basic everyday skills such as effective communication, team building, problem-solving, decision-making and many more. Not only do participants focus on the specified soft skills, but build confidence in preparation for interviews. Upon successfully completing the course, participants receive a certificate of completion, National Career Readiness certificate, and a WorkReadyNH badge.


With professional development in apprenticeships, these soft skills provide apprentices with confidence and motivation to perform well in their careers, and employers have noticed a stronger work ethic. Many employers have shared that the WorkReadyNH program was so successful, they pursued the training as well. Overall, apprentices find an awareness in professional development training during an apprenticeship program, resulting in a strong and professional team. In other words, employees will comprehend how to play nice in the sandbox at work with the benefit of WorkReadyNH!

– Alexus Kalampalikis, Southern Hub Developer


For more information, please visit: www.ccsnh.edu/colleges-and-programs/workready-nh

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