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Apprenticeship Consortium Model

National Apprenticeship Week 2021

A great way for smaller businesses to build robust apprenticeship programs is through consortium and industry association models for registered apprenticeship. This model of apprenticeship allows an industry association, or two or more businesses with a common goal, to pool and capitalize on shared resources.

One example is the NH Automobile Dealers Association (NHADA) automotive technician registered apprenticeship program created with ApprenticeshipNH. The one-year, hands-on apprenticeship will match an employer’s current need for skilled workers with jobseekers looking to begin a career in automotive technology, an in-demand field with significant growth opportunities.

This was the first apprenticeship consortium program created in New Hampshire and is a joint effort between the NHADA, their membership and ApprenticeshipNH. The program follows the “earn as you learn” model and presents a unique opportunity to both employers and aspiring technicians by fostering a learning environment that is mutually beneficial to the apprentice and employer alike; workers receive professional training at a very high level in a field with significant growth opportunities while employers gain access to a skilled labor pool that is well-prepared for the unique challenges faced by the industry.

The partnership was formalized during the 2020 National Apprenticeship Week celebration event when NHADA signed paperwork to become a consortium sponsor for an automotive technician Registered Apprenticeship program.

“We are very excited to partner with the New Hampshire’s Community Colleges and the ApprenticeshipNH-initiative to offer this Registered Apprenticeship opportunity to our members, as we continue to help build the automotive workforce in New Hampshire,” said Pete McNamara, NHADA Education Foundation executive director and association president. “This new program is targeted at future techs who are not able to attend the college auto tech program full-time.”

A unique element of this consortium agreement is that it gives NHADA members the opportunity to participate in the program by completing a simplified one-page agreement with NHADA. Like other programs implemented with the assistance of ApprenticeshipNH, the on-the-job training takes place at the participating NHADA member’s place of business while the related instruction that compliments the on-the-job training includes two credit-bearing courses completed at one of five participating colleges within the Community College System of New Hampshire. Those course credits can be applied to the Automotive Technology degree and certificate programs that the colleges already have. With multiple locations and schedules available, employers and apprentices from across the state have flexibility in building partnerships and completing the related instruction.

Regardless of the specific industry, many different types of employers may benefit from a similar consortium model, especially in the early stages of building out a new apprenticeship program. As exemplified by the streamlined sign-on process enjoyed by NHADA’s members, individual employers can focus more directly on the training of the individual apprentices and less on the administrative input needs associated with the development of a new program.

As part of this year’s 2021 National Apprenticeship Week celebration, ApprenticeshipNH is looking forward to two new apprenticeship consortium models. The first is a joint endeavor between Associated Builders and Contractors of New Hampshire and Vermont (ABC NH/VT) and New Hampshire Homebuilders Association (NHHBA) for a new carpenter apprenticeship program currently in development. The carpenter apprenticeship is a three-year program in which participants earn multiple credentials over the course of their experience and, through the ABC and NHHBA as sponsors, employers are provided an expedited path to joining the apprenticeship program by signing a one-page agreement. Related course instruction is provided in partnership with Manchester Community College and the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).

The second, sponsored by New Hampshire Association of Insurance Agents (NHAIA), is a General Insurance Associate apprenticeship program and was just signed yesterday.  The NHAIA apprenticeship similarly features a simplified path to participation for employers with a one-page agreement. The program is 1.5 years and is not only a great fit for adults, but also features a free High School curriculum geared towards future leaders interested in a career in finance and insurance.

Employers interested in learning more about the ways they can benefit from partnering with ApprenticeshipNH can get started here.

Don’t forget to register for the National Apprenticeship Week celebration this Friday, November 19th from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.

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